Avoid the 5 biggest mistakes that you can make on a first date.


There is a reason that I put this in all caps. I feel really strongly about this. Do not text message or answer the phone unless it is an emergency having to do with work…and when I say work, I mean like if you’re a doctor or someone’s life otherwise hangs in the balance. Texting or otherwise using your phone makes the other person feel unimportant and stupid as they sit there and wait for you to finish what you’re doing.

2. Do not pick a fancy, expensive restaurant for a first date.

Typically these restaurants are too quiet, formal and stuffy. This breeds awkwardness and makes everyone uncomfortable…servers hovering, expensive choices, etc. Pick a lively, fun, inexpensive, preferably local place with atmosphere and charm.

3. If you asked, you pick up the check.

If you asked the other party out, pick up the check and get it out of the way quickly. You can still linger if you’re having a good time.

4. Eat.

If you’re at a fun, reasonably priced place, you don’t have to worry about price and when someone knows what they want to order and actually enjoys it, it takes a lot of awkwardness out of the situation.

5. Don’t try to get into any heavy conversations.

No talking about exes or negative past experiences. Your date is not your therapist. And don’t treat is as a job interview or go through a check list on a first date. Your date is also not CarMax.

Have fun and be focused. No matter what, it’s only a date. It’s not your life hanging in the balance.