BYOB: Be in your own business.


Members of your family, friends or acquaintances personal issues (money, their relationships, their work issues, any thing that does not involve you personally) are NONE of your business.

Yes, you read that right: NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Think about how many times a day, week, or month, that you are upset about some one else’s problems. I’ll bet it is more often then you realize!

BYOB. Be in Your Own Business. This simply means that if it doesn’t affect you then stay out of it. This keeps life simple.

When you find yourself engaged in other people’s problems, ask yourself:  “Does this particular issue have any thing to do with me?” “Can I fix it?” “Can I change anything about my behavior that will help?” “Is there any way I can truly help this person?”

And, perhaps the most important question: “Is this any of my business?”

When you sift through all the affairs you get involved with you will find that just by asking yourself that simple question you will train yourself to STOP.

99% of the time there is nothing you can do but listen and empathize, which sounds like this: “I’m sorry you are going through this, it must be really difficult!” It is perfectly appropriate to say: “I feel for you and I know you will be able to work it out.”

When you are in another person’s business you are usually meddling and stressing yourself out. You are expending unnecessary emotional energy! You not only zap your own energy, many times you ignore your own business.

BYOB is your new mantra! This will give you more freedom than you can even imagine, as well as more time to take care of yourself and the things YOU need to do.

  • shaunapriskos@gmail.com8 years ago

    I’m in & so far I love it & am thinking of giving a subscription as birthday gifts to my good friends who deserve you!