A change is as good as a rest.


This is one of my favorite adages, because nothing is more constant in life than change. And the way you THINK about change will become the way you REACT to changes in your life.

A lot of my clients get very stressed out about changes — job changes, relationship changes, life changes. Some changes you can control, and some you can’t control, but I think you should look at change as a POSITIVE thing either way:

“A change is as good as a rest.”

In fact, if you’re feeling tired of your life – proactively look at ways of changing it. These could be major things – like ending a bad relationship or pursuing a different career path, but even little changes can be as beneficial as taking a vacation.

Order something different at the coffee shop, take the train instead of driving, check out a yoga class instead of going for a run. One of two things will happen – your new choice will bring you new joy, or it will make you appreciate your old choice. And sometimes we need to make little changes to trust that the big changes will also be beneficial to us, even when they scare us a bit.