Whatever you put your attention on expands.


Whenever you experience something, interpersonally or otherwise, you can spin it any way you chose. The story you tell yourself about it becomes your truth and you can tell that story in a negative or positive way.

Just like a politician, we spin things. Without the skills to know how to spin things in a positive light, we lie in darkness, which is always scary.

We as human beings tend to confirm our bias. When we perceive that things will turn out a certain way, or people will behave a certain way, we start to focus on the assumed outcome and we actually make it happen because that is what we are paying attention to!

This is the power of your attention. Your energy. Whatever you put your attention on, your energy on, EXPANDS. It happens. Thoughts + attention + energy = action = outcome.

You choose where to put your attention.
Choose to assume good intent in other people.
Choose positivity.
Choose wisely.