Speak your truth.


The only obligation you have in any relationship is to let someone know how you feel, what you want, and where you are coming from. In other words, to speak your truth!

The truth is very interesting — there is your truth, my truth and THE truth. All feelings are real to the individual feeling them, however, this does not make them true in the outer world. In order to be healthy and happy we need to realize that our feelings are not facts, they are feelings. One of the biggest excuses I hear to not speak our truth, is that it won’t matter. The other person won’t get it, and they will do what they want anyway.

Speaking your truth is all about knowing yourself well enough to make sense of how you feel and then having the self esteem and respect to say what is on your mind and in your heart. If you don’t let others know how you feel and what you need, they can’t give you those things or at least negotiate with you.