Life is a conversation


I used to rely heavily on the words “communication” and “talk”. The first thing that comes to mind when we say the word “communicate” is usually “ohhhhh no!!!” As the years have gone by I have witnessed so many people in my office trying to learn to “communicate”. This has been a horrible thing to witness. There are so many rules, roles, and ways to “communicate” that it is virtually impossible to really listen and converse.

Life is a conversation. If you approach any type of interaction with another person as a CONVERSATION, it takes the fear out of starting that exchange. Rather than thinking of an unpleasant topic as a confrontation or communication (ugh), change it in your mind to a conversation.There are some conversations that are more difficult then others but they are still just conversations!

When we approach one another using the word conversation it just sets up the situation in a more casual way.

For example, my husband and I were having an issue we weren’t discussing and we became quite passive aggressive with each other. After about a week I said to him: “We need to have a Kindred Conversation”. He knew exactly what I was talking about. We set up a time and sat down and conversed about our issue. It was awesome! Within 10 minutes it was understood by each of us, and maybe not totally solved, but a plan was in place. The entire issue was defused.

During the next week try to use the word conversation as much as you can. Pay attention to how often you typically use the word “communicate” or “talk”. Notice how different you feel when you use the word “conversation”. Notice how much better your conversations are.