Almost nothing is about you.


When someone is acting different around us, we often assume that we have done something to make them upset with us. Typically when we ask, we find out that they are hungry, or tired, or had a stressful day, or a fight with someone.

Guess what? Almost nothing is about you! You’re just not that important. This might sound harsh, but you’ll find it is actually a relief!

If someone around you is upset, take one of two approaches, and save yourself a lot of stress and time spent worrying about other people’s problems:

1. Assume that it is not about you, because almost nothing is about you. Don’t worry about it and wait for the other party to speak their truth. If it is indeed about you, have a conversation about it.

2. Let them know, and let it go. We can always ask if something is wrong, but when we do we absolutely have to believe what the other party says.