Just a minute: Change your thinking about a holiday.

Karen lives the adage “Change your thinking, change your life” and decides to embrace Halloween. Short story even shorter: she has a blast. (And remember the one minute you spend listening may be just the minute you need, just a minute from now.)


I was looking in my jewelry drawer, a bottom one that I’m never in much, and I noticed two necklaces and a pin in a pile of Halloween jewelry. I’ve never liked Halloween, but my really great friend Kim LOVES Halloween. She has an annual witch party and all sorts of parties for Halloween.

When my kids were young I had a huge neighborhood party with chili and then I’d stress out about getting my kids costumes and all these different things. And I just grew to really dislike Halloween. But Kim would give me Halloween jewelry every year (one of the necklaces is from probably 25 years ago!) and I’ve kept them all these years and MAYBE each year on Halloween I would wear one.

Well it was October 1st a few days ago and I pulled that drawer out and I saw the necklaces and pin and I thought: “You know what?? Change your thinking, change your life Karen, get into Halloween. You might as well.”

So what did I do? I wore the oldest necklace, which is a darling skeleton that hangs low. I thought, okay, I’m going to wear it, it looks cute with my outfit. And I went out and I wore it and I felt good. I thought, you know what, it’s October. I love October and I’m going to love Halloween this year. Doesn’t mean I have to have to get totally into it, but I’m going to ENJOY it. I’m going to look at the little kids and I’m going to have so much fun. And you know what? I got so many compliments on that necklace. All. Day. Long.

Then I saw the necklace that she gave me this year. It’s so cute. It says “bats the way we roll” and has picture of a bat on it. And I wore that to my meeting with the City Council and everybody loved it! And I’ve also got a skeleton pin from Kim that’s darling, and I’m going to wear that on my Levi jacket all month.

Thank you Kim for being a great friend and for always loving Halloween. And my message to you is: change your thinking, change your life. You could have a lot of fun out there. I know I have.