Change is not your enemy.

Change is one of those things in the universe that is inevitable. It happens when we least expect it. It happens when it is most inconvenient. It happens when we are least prepared. Some changes are planned, some changes are accidental, some changes are kind of planned and then take on a new wrinkle we didn’t expect.

When we plan a change and it happens exactly the way we want it to, it is AWESOME! When we make a change and it doesn’t go exactly like we planned it can shake us up a bit! A lot of changes in our lives are out of our control. This leaves us feeling vulnerable and frightened at times. That is normal and we need to work through those feelings. This is where CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, comes into play.

The better able we are to control our thinking, the better we can handle these feelings. Remember, a thought creates a feeling, a feeling creates an action. Start with your thought and change everything. There are many ways to view everything, find a way that makes sense to you! Change your thinking to get rid of anxiety and fear, those are your enemies, not the actual change event.


— Karen