Check before you wreck.

When my sister moved to Savannah Georgia she said that she quickly learned to count to three at every stop light after it turned green. I guess a lot of people didn’t pay much attention and ran lights a lot!

It made me think about being cautious. If we all counted to three before we opened our mouths, made a decision, or got angry, we would probably save ourselves a lot of pain.

‘Check before you wreck’ is a good way to monitor yourself. Counting to three doesn’t take very long — just enough time to pause and think. (It’s a first step to the adage ‘It’s easier to stay out than get out.’)

Sometimes the best thing to do is pause before moving forward. During the next week try to count to three and pay attention to what happens. Think about whether or not it changed an outcome!

(It’s also probably a good idea to count to the three at those green lights too!)