Just say ‘no’ to New Year’s Resolutions


Yes, you read that correctly. New Year’s resolutions seldom last more than a week, maybe two. Research shows that New Year’s Resolutions are really New Year’s Restitutions. This means that most of us look at all the things we are unhappy about in our lives, and focus on all of our negative behaviors and traits that we hate about ourselves. We then feel like we have to make restitution for our mistakes and our awful, awful character traits!

If there is one thing you hopefully have learned from me, it is WHATEVER YOU PUT YOUR ATTENTION ON, EXPANDS! It gets bigger and bigger. You do however, have a choice on where you put your attention. If you look at the parts of your life that work, that serve you, they will expand into all areas of your existence. It reminds me of the saying, “instead of being against war, be for peace.” That is a positive way of saying the same thing. We need to do this with the parts of our lives that we would like to improve on:

Instead of “I will lose 10 pounds”, (which is a complete set up for failure), state it in a different, more positive way: “I will focus on eating healthy, nutritious food so that I will feel good physically.”

Instead of “I will quit procrastinating” —  “I will set my self up to do things in a timely manner so that I may feel peaceful and calm.”

Instead of “I will not be judgmental” — “I will look for the good in people.”

These are examples of positive ways to grow and develop healthy, balanced attitudes and changes. Try to come up with three positive ways to improve your life and create peace within yourself!