Simple solutions to holiday stress

To some of us, it is a wondrous time of the year, to others of us it is not! How ever you choose to feel about the holidays is up to you. That is the great part about being enlightened. You get to choose how you perceive any given situation.

My suggestion is choose the positive and make it your focus. The best way to feel happiness at this time of year is to give of yourself. Find a cause and dig in. It could be sub for santa, it could be the homeless shelter, it could be back-to-school supplies for the homeless youth. Pick a cause and try to enlist others, that way you get the social interaction as well as the satisfaction of helping someone less fortunate. Sometimes we find that when we get involved with a cause it can last all year, not just a season.

Another key to feeling happy during the holiday season is to not over book yourself. Pick and choose what events are truly important to you. Change your perspective in regards to gift giving. Instead of lavish gifts, spend more time with one another. Play games, have dinners, hang out!