When does a thought turn into a feeling?

A thought is a thought is a thought, then it becomes a feeling.

Whenever an event occurs in our lives, we can absolutely control our perception of that event. We certainly cannot control the environment but we can control the way we think about it. Everyone has their own unique way of looking at and interpreting any given situation. The good news is, you can choose to be either positive or negative about that event.

A thought is the first step in the interpretation of a situation in our lives. This thought (which we can learn to control), turns into a feeling. That feeling creates an action. This is the natural chain of events that occur every single minute of every single day. The way we handle this chain of events absolutely controls whether we are happy or something else. The net is – we really need to focus on our thoughts.

A clue to our thoughts is to be aware of what we are saying to ourselves. Think about the phrases that you are constantly saying in your head. Some examples are:

“I am so fat!”
“Why are people always trying to use me?”
“This is a horrible thing that just happened.”
“I can’t believe what he/she just said to me.”

I challenge you to really listen to your internal dialogue and begin to change it!