Peak Moments

Sometimes our expectations of happiness are all messed up. We seem to expect happiness to be an extreme high. Intense excitement is what Asian philosophers call the “near enemy” of true joy. It is something that looks like the genuine thing but is in reality its evil twin.

When we expect happiness to feel like the best part of a thrill ride, or a huge jackpot win in Las Vegas, or an incredibly romantic night, we are missing the point of true happiness. (Not to say these aren’t great experiences.)

This is where peak moments come in to play. We need to be constantly aware of how we are feeling in the peaceful moments of pure contentment. Peak moments come in many shapes and sizes and can be some of the quietest. Finishing a great book, watching a movie that we totally connect to, sitting with a loved one and feeling understood, watching a sunset. Peak moments come to us all the time if we know what they are and pay attention to our lives as we live them.

Peak moments are as unique as the individual experiencing them. They are full of peace and connection. The connection can be spiritual, it can be with nature, it can be with another person. It can be with anything that feels right to you in that moment.

Since my daughters were little, I spoke to them of peak moments. When I was experiencing a peak moment I shared it with them. They often call or text me when they have experienced a peak moment and I can vicariously live it as well!

Please, pay attention to your life, look for those peak moments, they are everywhere!!