The ABCDE’s of Changing Your Life

I spend much of my time helping people to be happy and have fun! I know that sounds kind of simple, but being happy really is simple: change your thinking, change your life. It really does work.

There are so many different theories about positive thinking. I use an eclectic approach, borrowing from Ellis, Johnson, Holmes, and many others.

When you realize you are feeling angry, down, afraid or anxious remember the ABCDE Technique and take a minute to write down the following:

A: ADVERSE EVENT What happened that triggered the feeling?

B: BELIEF What is YOUR belief about that event? Don’t analyze whether it is right or wrong!

C: CONSEQUENT FEELING What do you feel because of your belief?

D:  DISPUTE How can you dispute that belief? What evidence is there that your belief is too narrow, or wrong, or biased? Believe me there is PLENTY!

E: EFFECT What is the Effect of disputing the belief? How do you feel NOW? This is where you analyze!

Remember: When our minds are open, curious, and full of love and joy we are functioning at our highest level!