What Does “Emotionally Healthy” Really Mean?

Throughout my many years of counseling, as well as through my many years of living, I have learned that the true measure of emotional health primarily has to do with one thing: RESILIENCY!!

We all have our ups and downs in life. Things happen. Sometimes small bumps, sometimes hurdles, and sometimes total devastation. The true measure of happiness is how quickly one recovers from the bad times.

Research indicates that the key to one’s resiliency is a positive attitude! One of the ways to develop a positive attitude is to focus on and improve the ratio of positive to negative thinking.

People are hardwired to think negatively.  We learn that rich is good, poor is bad. Well is good, sick is bad. Unfortunately the negative has a larger impact than the positive. It triggers the flight or fight response, which is basic survival!

Try becoming aware of your thoughts. Check out how many of them are negative. Work on changing them to the positive!